The U.S. is doomed.
The ORIGINAL Everybody Sucks.

If you're here it's probably cause you enjoy some satire. Or are as passively pissed as I am.

Nothing is more infuriating than idiots who walk their dogs on the wrong side of the road except, maybe, having our social media bombed by political bullshit we don't care about. Most of our lives don't revolve around politics otherwise we'd end up as shitty, loathsome politicians. Despite our greatest efforts the media is still saturated with unavoidable garbage, which is where we come in.

Satire aside, if you don't believe in any candidate; if you can't stand behind any candidate, don't just keep your mouth shut and shake your head, softly weeping inside at the "this guy insulted the other guy's small hands" video post on Facebook.

Step up and voice your opinion as unpolitical as you are cause, damn it, we are too and there are plenty more people just like you!