The U.S. is doomed.
The ORIGINAL Everybody Sucks.
If you feel so inclined, go ahead and thank me for waking up one day and thinking,
"Screw this shit. I'm gonna make a funny-yet-depressingly-true sign for my front yard cause, hell, I CAN."

If you think I'm a full-o-poop scoundrel and detest everything this site stands for, flex your keyboard muscles.
At the other end you'll find me welcoming the opportunity to read, probably enjoy a good laugh at, and promptly delete your hate-fueled email (usually) without responding because frankly, I've got better shit to do and have no desire to engage in a debate.

This is just satire; a bit of lighthearted fun, taking the piss out of politics if you will. And, if you do decided to contact me, you might find your comments among some other great ones on my comments page: