The U.S. is doomed.
The ORIGINAL Everybody Sucks.
To my surprise I've experienced very little push back from far (and the very few morons dumb enough to rattle my cage were dealt with accordingly).

In fact, most comments have been pretty awesome so, I'm gonna share some verbatim and update as I see fit!

"This is amazing and hilarious. <3" -not important

"I agree with everything you do and it cracks me up! Keep it up! Lol" -Isaac

"I would love a signature! But preferably no dick pics." -Jack

"You're 'Everybody Sucks 2016' sign is the most profound statement I've seen this entire political season!" -C

"I'm so sorry for your country. Here in Canada we get Vaseline before our elections so we barely feel the tip. I worry for your future. Best regards from your Northern Cousins." -Thor