The U.S. is doomed.
The ORIGINAL Everybody Sucks.

Blue Magnet

$10.00 $7.00


This is the BLUE version of our our classic bumper sticker design mounted to repositionable magnetic material.

Proudly display your disinterest in our presidential candidates on your daily driver when you leave for work and take it off before you get home so none of your judgmental neighbors know your true feelings. I mean, if you're a spineless coward, that is.

These single-sided magnets are 8" wide by 3" high, solvent-printed for maximum longevity. Go ahead and tell every other driver on the road their candidate SUCKS by displaying this on your vehicle. Or use it to keep that overly vocal, beer-mooching "friend" of a neighbor from just swinging by, grabbing a cold one from your garage fridge while you're working, and saying "Hi".


**READ THIS** (Seriously) These magnets are removable. After all, they're magnetic. Don't put them on a dirty car, you'll scratch the shit out of your paint. Clean it first and take it off once a week and clean both surfaces that touch to keep it from ruining your paint job. (Seriously, I've seen magnets fully bond with a vehicle like T-1000 assimilating with a blown-off chunk of his own body to the point attempted removal ruins both entities. If you don't get this reference, stop what you're doing and go watch Terminator 2 again.)

These work perfectly fine on any magnetic surface (stainless steel and aluminum excluded just to name a few) and won't blow off your car (if they stick in the first place) even if you go through a car wash - seriously, my "Watch for Motorcycles" mag still grips my bumper like greedy suits clawing tooth and nail for money. They're pretty strong.**

Our magnetic "bumper stickers" are made of solvent-printed vinyl and mounted to a .030" thick magnetic base. If you need more info than that, you're a nerd and I congratulate you.

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