The U.S. is doomed.
The ORIGINAL Everybody Sucks.

Blue Yard Sign



This is the BLUE version of our our classic yard sign design.

**Due to the overwhelming response of this "campaign", orders will ship as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience!**

Proudly display your disinterest in our Presidential candidates in your (or your annoying neighbor's) front yard.

These double-sided signs are 24" wide by 18" high, printed with full-color, and come with a 6" wide x 24" tall metal stake.

Our yard signs are made from 4mm coroplast, a corrugated plastic that's direct-printed with UV cured ink and are weather-resistant. Skipping all the technical shit (which I would be happy to answer if you email me), these are the sign industry standard; pretty much everyone in their right mind uses this product for this application.

*Due to their less-expensive nature there might be slight imperfections in the print which could be visible up close but will not be from average viewing distance.*

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