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I Voted Fart Stickers

$4.00 $2.00


Are you one of the people who thinks your vote doesn't actually count and after all the waiting in line and coloring in dots, the Electoral College is just deciding what's best for you? Well, then these stickers are for you. Pop one on your chest and see how many people are smellin' what you're steppin' in or, better yet, tag a coworker or random person like a laughable "kick me" sign on their back.

If you chose to wear them on voting day (or you're brave enough to wear them other days!) they'll go great on your Everybody Sucks 2016 T-Shirt!

These stickers are 1.875" wide by 1" high, made with a short-term removable vinyl printed on a solvent printer and come 12 per sheet .

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