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Selfie Signs

$60.00 $55.00
Want me to make the picture out to you or some other lucky soul? Gimmie dat name!


Before you cast the first stone at me for my sin of vanity I'll have you know I have absolutely no idea how I even came up with this option; I hate taking selfies. Every time I do it makes me feel like a complete tool, but I (more than likely) concocted this sign option under the influence of alcohol.

I would wager I've personally taken less than 10 selfies since the term was coined because every time I do I imagine a crowd around me all hanging their heads in collective disgust. *PHEW* Now that my selfiephobia (this is actually also a term -_- ) is aired out, let's get on with what comes in this package.

The limited quantity of selfie signs may or may not have already been displayed in my yard (added bonus!). If they have, you'll enjoy a dirty stake from our wonderful Wisconsin soil. With your order I'll take a selfie with the sign you'll receive and you'll also collect a limited edition, super rare, photo-quality print (aka... of me doing something presumably ridiculous with YOUR sign; whatever hair I have up my ass that day. (Don't worry, said hair is not included.) You'll be the ONLY person with that SIGNED photo!

Seriously, don't think for a second I wouldn't look awesome on your mantle or picture wall alongside your family.

Oh, and if that weren't enough you even have the option for a custom message (up to 255 characters) so, if you feel like sending a picture of a doofus and a funny yard sign to someone else, pull the trigger on this deal!

My shameful selfie may or may not be featured on the Everybody Sucks 2016 facebook page but will not appear until after you've received your special shipment and, due to the nature of taking (or possibly even staging) a ridiculous photo for you, fulfillment times may increase.

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